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ello, my name is Kristen Combs. I graduated from the University of Idaho with my B.S. in Dance. I have over 20 years experience in the styles of Jazz, Hip-hop and lyrical and over 8 years experience in Contemporary, Ballet, Modern and Choreography. At the University of Idaho my studies included: Children's Dance, Choreography, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Dance Theater, and several health education classes centered towards healthy active living and the positive results of living a healthy active lifestyle.

I grew up in Pocatello, graduated from Century High school and then went on to Idaho State University until I decided I wanted to teach dance for a living. I went to school in Moscow, Idaho for three years until I obtained my Major in Dance May 2011. Discovery Dance has had it's loctaion for the past 3 years and is growing more every year! This studio is my passion and I am dedicated in offering a positive experience to all students that come through the door.

In my personal life I also work part time for my family's buisness that has been around for almost 100 years, Shaw Auto Parts and am happily married to a very supporting husband and our adorable and energetic 3 year old son.

I believe dance is more than performance and fittness, its a way to be mentally well also. I also believe it is very important to use proper technique to prevent injuries from happening. I will continue to grow this studio and keep adding extremly qualified instructors as needed.

Thank you,

Kristen Combs



   Tiffany Chandler: is a Pocatello native, and was born to dance! S...he began her dance training at Studio 7 in Pocatello, where she tried out every technique she could. Within nine years Tiffany had trained in several techniques including jazz, tap, clogging, and ballet. It was determined early on that Tiffany loved the stage! She was the little girl that had to be carried off by her teacher because she didn’t want to leave the spot light.
In 2003, Dance Vibrations introduced Tiffany to the wonderful world of competition. To Tiffany that meant more stage time, and she instantly fell in love! She danced with the competition team for five seasons. This gave her the opportunity to grow as a dancer–an opportunity she never regrets taking. She had five successful seasons with the team and in solo competitions.
Along with dance, Tiffany developed a love for theatre. Tiffany continued her education at Idaho State University. She received her Bachelor’s in Theatre, with a minor in Dance. Although her degree was In Theatre, she still had a need to dance as much as she could. Tiffany continued her dance training in ballet while venturing into modern dance. While studying at Idaho State, Tiffany performed in two or three Theatre/Dance productions each semester. Those performances also included student work through the dance club, Danson; Tiffany was a strong representative of the club, and was a presidency member for three years.
Following her college career, she continued performing in several community theatres. Recently, Tiffany has intensified her acting pursuits. She performs whenever she has the chance at Old Town Actors Studio and Westside Players. Tiffany recently completed a one-woman show, which she said really pushed her boundaries.
Tiffany keeps her day time jobs because she loves what she does. Tiffany wants to spread her passion for dance and her love for life to those around her. She has been teaching at Dance Vibrations for the past nine years. She mostly teaches the younger classes in hopes of addicting the little ones to dance, just as she was so addicted many years ago. Aside from teaching at Dance Vibrations, Tiffany also assistant teaches at Conner Academy. She assists in a 6th grade classroom, with a mentor who has taught built her up as a teacher in many aspects. Tiffany also loves teaching middle school-aged dancers because she can connect with the girls so well. “I love being a role model for these girls,” she says. “I love showing them that you can do what you love, and then some, despite what others may say. I think it’s important for girls this age to have someone they can look up to, trust, and communicate with, without the fear of being put down and rejected.”
Tiffany received her elementary education teaching certificate and has been teaching for the past year, and we were lucky enough to add her as an instructor here for the past year also after Dance Vibrations suddenly closed.  


Sheena Phelps has been dancing in her big sister's footsteps since she was 3 years old. Her and her sister, Britney, have been dancing together ever since. Sheena began her dancing life with Nancy Merril and later joined Dana Smith Dance Studio. While dancing for DSDS she competed with various teams and found her love for performance. Wanting to challenge herself, she auditioned for Idaho State Un...iversity's Bengal Dancers and joined the team as a freshman. As a Bengal Dancer she attended NDA collegiate camps, where her team won numerous awards. She also performed at the university's sporting events, numerous campus events, and publicity events. While she enjoyed all the performances her real love was competing at NDA's collegiate competition in Daytona Beach, Florida. During her 4 years on the team they ranked in the top 5 and placed 2nd her junior and senior year. Her senior year she was also privileged to be captain. During that time, she also decided to take a hip hop class with her sister. There she meet Gina Underwood, owner of the Dance Factory. She began to teach for Gina the following year with her sister, and has continued to teach and dance with the Dance Factory for the past 8 years. Sheena loves all styles of dance, but truly loves hip hop. She is now currently teaching hip hop at ISU, including a hip hop performance class. Sheena is part of the Mind Your Body team and enjoys teaching a variety of Adult fitness and dance classes.