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Discovery Dance School is here to teach any age group dance at any level. This studio centers around people who just want to have fun while learning how to dance in a stress-free environment without the worry of competitions. So, come learn Jazz, Ballet, and Hip-Hop.


We hold recitals twice a year, one mid-December and one at the end of April. Performances will be held in either a high school auditorium or at Frazier Hall depending on what is available. All performances are mandatory for your child to participate in. We are implementing a performance fee in place of the fundraisers this year. That way family and friends won’t have to pay to see your child perform and all the costs will be covered to insure a fantastic performance experience! At the recitals, your child will receive a flower and a trophy with the Discovery Dance School season on it.


If your child has their heart set on performing, getting judged, and receiving a trophy through competition we can cater to those needs. If a class as a whole is interested in attending a couple local dance competitions, then we can make that happen. Please know that there are extra costs involved depending on the group size. We can also provide solo instruction (see Solo Lessons page) and an individual can also compete.


We will have the option of getting class and individual photos taken Mid and Late season of all of the students in their performance attire by One Who Hopes Photography. Sessions are usually about $35 and you get digital and prints of a group photo and an individual shot.


Interested in teaching your own classes?

If you are a Dance, Pilates or Yoga instructor looking for a place to teach our studio space is available to rent out, even just for workshops! Rent is just $15 an hour!